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One of the most popular things to do in Samoa is to experience the wonderful world that’s usually hidden beneath the waves. The reefs around the Samoan Islands contain more than 300 types of coral and over one thousand different species of fish, and while diving in Samoa it is also possible to observe other marine incredible creatures such as sharks, dolphins, rays and turtles.

The island of Savai'i is both the highest and the largest of the islands that form the Samoan Islands and it is the fifth largest island in Polynesia. While it is a popular tourist destination it is much less developed than the main island of Upolu, but it does offer some of the best scuba diving in Samoa. The almost unbelievably beautiful beaches are bathed with about three thousand hours of sun each year, and with year-round water temperatures from 26 to 29-degrees C, it is easy to see why this a favourite location for Samoan scuba diving.


Explore Samoa’s stunning undersea landscape with the expert staff at Dive Savaii (Photo credit: Dive Savaii)

Dive Savaii is located on the north coast of the island in the village of Fagamalo, and it is the only 5 star PADI (Professional Association of Dive Instructors) dive centre on the island. It is situated about an hours drive from both the dock of Salelologa, or from the airport of Maota. They are open from Monday to Saturday.

For certified divers, daily scuba dives are available to explore and marvel at Samoa’s natural attractions under the water. Dive Savaii's tours provide the opportunity to get up close to some weird and wonderful fish and to marvel at the spectacular colours of the different corals. The experienced qualified dive masters will introduce the participants to a magical world and will adjust the tour to accommodate divers of different capabilities. The variety and quantity of Samoan sea life is incredible and dolphins and green and hawksbill turtles are also often spotted. Between July and October, there is even the chance of seeing Humpback whales.

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Encounter incredible Samoan sea life, including dolphins and green and hawksbill turtles (Photo credit: Dive Savaii)

Those who do not have their dive certification can enjoy the daily snorkel trips. Snorkelling provides the opportunity to observe the Islands’ incredible sea life, and is the perfect way to spend an amazing day with the whole family. A snorkel trip is one of the best things to do in Samoa, and even those who are not overly comfortable in the water soon forget their apprehensions as they become enthralled with the spectacular scenery and the abundant life beneath the surface.

After discovering the joys of snorkelling many people decide that they wish to go on and learn to dive in order to explore the wonders found in deeper water. Dive Savaii offers complete PADI dive courses, so why not take the opportunity of being in the perfect place to learn how to scuba dive and to get certified.  


Dive Savaii offer a range of Samoa snorkeling and scuba diving options, including PADI dive courses (Photo credit: Dive Savaii)

Diving is one of the biggest Samoa attractions and Dive Savaii offers the opportunity to partake in this popular activity under the guidance of professional local dive masters and with the finest and safest equipment available. Get in touch with them beforehand to book a tour or scuba diving course to be sure not to leave the Samoan Islands without experiencing the magic of the life beneath the waves.



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